2 Types of Printed Vests

We can just about print anything you would like onto your vests - from simple wording such as 'Fire Warden' to very complex colourful logos. We can vinyl print, digital heat transfers and screenprint - it all depends on what suits your image, quality and quantity of vests you would like. If you have any questions try clicking on the chat button on the bottom right-hand corner. We will make your vests standout!

2. Custom Vest Designs

Logos or custom design image

3 Different Ways of Printing them

We have three different ways to print your safety vests. Which one we choose depends on the what you want printed, how many colours there are in the printing and the quantity. Sometimes it comes down to price and other times its the quality and colour of the result we want to achieve. Our different types of printing are:

  1. Vinyl Printing
  2. Digital Colour Transfers
  3. Screenprinting

Have a look at the video to understand more.

Step by Step Guide to Purchase Printed Vests

Watch this video to help guide you through the print purchasing process. You’ll learn what printing type best suits your needs and how to purchase both the vests with the printing.

print pricing

Single Side Printing

Number of Printed Colours
Setup  $30$30$30$30$30
1-10 Vests  $7.95$12.95$12.95$12.95$12.95
11-20 Vests  $7.45$8.95$8.95$8.95$8.95
21-49 Vests  $6.95$7.45$8.95$8.95$8.95
50-99 Vests  $6.45$6.95$7.95$8.45$8.95
100-249 Vests  $5.95$6.45$7.45$7.95$8.45
250-499 Vests  $4.95$5.95$6.95$7.45$7.95
500+ Vests  Price available on request.

Double Sided Printing - Front & Back

Number of Printed Colours
Setup  $30$30$30$30$30
1-10 Vests  $9.95$14.95$14.95$14.95$14.95
11-20 Vests  $9.45$10.95$10.95$10.95$10.95
21-49 Vests  $8.95$9.45$10.95$10.95$10.95
50-99 Vests  $8.45$8.95$9.95$10.45$10.95
100-249 Vests  $7.45$7.95$8.95$9.45$9.95
250-499 Vests  $6.45$6.95$7.95$8.45$8.95
500+ Vests  Price available on request.