Printed Safety Vests

Looking for printed vests that truly represent your brand or message? Look no further! Our printing options are designed to cater to your every need, from simple text to intricate, colorful logos. We offer four different printing methods to ensure the highest quality results every time.

The method we select for your job depends on various factors such as the number of colors in the image or text, the complexity of the design, and the quantity to be printed. We select the most effective printing option for your specific needs.

4 Printed Safety Vests Options

Below you will see four different printing options. Our custom printing allows you to print practically anything you desire, as well as three different types of pre-printed vests. Our pre-printed vests are a cost-effective solution that includes 14 of our most popular designs such as "Fire Warden" and designated CIMS functions. Additionally, we offer a two-tone option for our pre-printed vests.

Choose the printing option that works best for you and let us help you create the perfect vests that fit your needs.

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(2) From $16.95+GST

Looking to print your a coloured logo or custom text on a safety vest? Look no further! This option provides excellent quality and a quick turnaround time.

Choose from our selection of 14 pre-printed vests, featuring our most popular designs. Ideal for Building Warden and Fire Warden Vests, among others.

Easily choose your Emergency Response / CIMS vests with the right wording. Purchasing CIMS vests has never been easier.

Customize your pre-printed vest with black or white text on a contrasting background. Stand out from the crowd with our unique option.

Video guide for purchasing custom vests.

Step-by-step video guide for purchasing pre-printed vests.

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Safety Vests is a company you can trust to produce a top quality printed safety vest. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email or call us.

Safety Vests
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Custom Print Pricing

Single Side Printing

Number of Printed Colours
Setup  $30$30$30$30$30
1-10 Vests  $7.95$12.95$12.95$12.95$12.95
11-20 Vests  $7.45$8.95$8.95$8.95$8.95
21-49 Vests  $6.95$7.45$8.95$8.95$8.95
50-99 Vests  $6.45$6.95$7.95$8.45$8.95
100-249 Vests  $5.95$6.45$7.45$7.95$8.45
250-499 Vests  $4.95$5.95$6.95$7.45$7.95
500+ Vests  Price available on request.

Double Sided Printing - Front & Back

Number of Printed Colours
Setup  $30$30$30$30$30
1-10 Vests  $9.95$14.95$14.95$14.95$14.95
11-20 Vests  $9.45$10.95$10.95$10.95$10.95
21-49 Vests  $8.95$9.45$10.95$10.95$10.95
50-99 Vests  $8.45$8.95$9.95$10.45$10.95
100-249 Vests  $7.45$7.95$8.95$9.45$9.95
250-499 Vests  $6.45$6.95$7.95$8.45$8.95
500+ Vests  Price available on request.

Our Hi-Vis Safety Vests

Our safety vests are made from a high-quality gsm material which means they are excellent quality. No one who has purchased one our vests has been disappointed with quality especially when they see the price. The vests all come with a TTMC-W approved reflective tape which means it can be seen at night and in the rain. The reflective tape repels the water and it still highly visible. We have three different styles of vests: our classic vest, our elite vest (which comes with pockets for ID cards and cellphones and pens) and our BeSeen Vest which comes with all the bells and whistles. We have a full range of Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) safety vests. All our vests are made to TTMC standards, however, it is only the orange vest that is approved for working on the roads. For all our other industries and business you are free to choose whatever colour you right into your health and safety manual.