Child Safety Vests

Our children’s Hi-Vis Safety Vests come in seven different colours (pink, orange, blue, red, neon green, forest green and fluor yellow) and two different closure styles (zipped and velcro). The quality of the fabric and reflective tape is excellent. If you would like your vests printed - we can do it. Take a look here more information.

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Our Children's Hi-Vis Safety Vests

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Our child safety vests are made from the same high-quality gsm material as the adult vests, which means they are excellent quality. No one who has purchased our vests has been disappointed with quality which some people have been when they see our prices. The vests all come with a TTMC-W approved reflective tape which means it can be seen at night and in the rain. The reflective tape repels the water and it still highly visible. We have six different colours with three different styles of vests: zipped and velcro. For children vests, there is no regulation that says you have to wear this colour or that - it is all about being seen and being safe. We have had plenty of schools and kindergartens purchase the different coloured vests to fit their house or school colours.