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Eye Protection

Our Safety Glasses

You just won’t find better quality safety glasses, not at this price. Our safety glasses are made in Taiwan to NZ standards with the highest quality materials. They are made from a super hardened polycarbonate lens which makes it lightweight, impact and scratch resistant.

They are super comfortable, don’t fog up, and are visually excellent. And they look great!

Our Unit Price Breaks

Safety Glasses1-11 units12-23 units24-95 units96+ units
Black Bolt$3.95$2.95$2.45$1.95
Blue Cyclops$4.95$3.95$3.45$2.45
Orange Rockets$4.95$3.95$3.45$2.45
Professor X$4.45$3.45$2.95$2.45
The Big Bruce$4.95$3.95$3.45$2.95